Spring til hovedindhold


Prevent infection

The Danish Health Authority’s general guidance effectively prevents the spread of infection in society.

The most effective way you can help prevent the spread of infection is by following our six steps and incorporating them into everything you do, both at home, in public, at school and in the workplace. Adults should help children follow the guidance.

You should also limit the number of people you see and the amount of time you spent together, and keep to the same small number of friends and relatives. During the coming months, we will all be spending more time indoors, so please remember to maintain hygiene, clean thoroughly, and increase the amount of fresh air by opening your windows regularly.


For further guidance on how to prevent infection, go to the website of the Danish Health Authority

Top 6 recommendations

1. Stay home if you are ill

2. Wash your hands often or use hand sanitiser

3. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve

4. Limit physical contact

5. Clean thoroughly

6. Keep your distance and ask other to be considerate